Real Estate Agents Offer You

What can a Real Estate Agents Offer You?

What many people today think about Realtors may be a bit misconstrued. Everyone has dealt with people who are bad at customer service, in every industry. Real Estate is no different. The fact of the matter is that there are bad Realtors, good Realtors, and EXCELLENT Realtors. Chances are that if you’ve purchased a home in the past 40 years you’ve probably have gone through a real estate agent. The issue is that many real estate agents today aren’t people who follow up or have a very good work ethic. Either that or they are so busy that you, the average consumer, fall between the cracks with them. The Problem is that most agents land within those two spectrums. The vast majority of the public view them like they view the dentist: something that needs to be done, but would like to prolong it as much as possible. So why bother? You can join into this discussion by clicking on the link below to go to the original article:

Real Estate Agents Offer You

Let’s dive into that scenario.

In today’s world people have so many options for their investment or living situations. More homes are on the market than any time in history and it’s hard to find a Realtor that can cater to you and the personality that your future will be housed/invested in. People find agents that are too busy with a hundred different listings at any given time, and have no clue what your name is. They look at turnover, not really what’s always best for YOUR bottom dollar. The other instance is an agent that doesn’t have any follow through and is doing his/her own “thing” all the time. These are the agents that notoriously give Realtors a bad name. Because no matter how many times you call them they never seem to pick up their phone. They rarely every give you a straight answer, and are rarely ever seen. Usually these are, “relatives” or “my friend So and So.” These experts in the trade typically think that just because you are close to them that you owe them the business. WAKE UP!!! This is your FUTURE! Yes, they are your friend, but your friend or your relative isn’t going to be living in your home or have the payment of your investment for the next umpteenth years. Please don’t take me wrong, there may be some hard working individuals amongst your friends that are extremely professional and on their game. Those agents should be revered and kept as a close ally in your arsenal. There, again, are those that shouldn’t and probably best if you keep them as a friend and relative. A Realtor that is worth their weight in gold can not only show you a home, but they can bring you connections. Continue reading

Why you should hire a realtor that CARES about you.

Having a real estate agent is among the most effective investments you’ll make as a real property business owner. Like many parts of your business, without a doubt, buying, contracting, and selling properties is a business in of itself. They demand an investment of your hard earned cash and also your time to see properties they help find for you.  You’ll also want to invest some time to help them have the task done right.

In exchange for your financial investment in them with commissions, a really good real estate agent will aid you to generate much more hard earned cash than you are paying (bringing you a price of return that would make any capitalist jealous). And, they will definitely conserve you plenty of hours for every if you chose one that will work for you.

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