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Search the Actual MLS Portal

This teaches you how to view the actual MLS Portal like a licensed agent. You MUST sign up with me to get access to the portal. This is not like the public websites that are constantly wrong, outdated, and lagging. This is the ACTUAL MLS PORTAL. This is the most up to date information and listings emailed directly to you. Get a jump on all the other people searching for homes. This will allow you to maximize your searches.  Contact me ASAP.

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Free CMA Comparative Market Analysis

Are you unsure what your home is worth in today’s market? Have you looked on all the public websites and continually wonder if they are accurate? Most of the time Public websites like zillow, trulia, redfin, etc. have very poor estimates of your homes worth in today’s market. I do provide a free CMA for people interested in finding out their current home value. Click on the following link to get started:

This CMA provides a look at market conditions in TODAY’s Market. Unfortunately, at this time, I am able to only provide people with CMA’s in the Greater Southern California Area. We look at homes sold in your area within the last 6-8 months. We try to match home models closest to your home’s style. We also take a look at other conditions that may cause your home to be worth more or less in your neighborhood.

Please speak with me if you are interested in selling your home in the near future. Whether it be a Standard Sale or a Short Sale I am able to provide answers for the questions you have. Allow me, to help you, sell your home.

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Free CMA Comparative Market Analysis

Article for Today. 06/12/12 – Short Sale Guidelines

3 Things Agents Should Know About Short Sales

Listing a short sale is a little like venturing into the wild, wild west.  There’s only a little order, lots of imposters, and laws are broken without much penalty.

Real estate agents bring a little stability to the transaction, but a short sale’s success depends on a variety of variables.  This type of transaction is constantly evolving; however there are a few things that remain the same, and that every agent needs to know when working with short sales.

Market Value Matters

Short sales sell for market value.  That’s right.  A bank will typically agree to a short sale if the numbers make sense.  Banks understand that homes need to appraise.  Banks also need to mitigate their loss.

Listing a home for well below market value is not the best strategy for getting a short sale accepted.  Sure, you may get plenty of offers, but if the bank won’t accept any of them you end up having wasted a ton of  energy, not to mention paper, and facing quite a few angry potential buyers.

Banks are no longer in the business of giving away houses.  If you send the bank numbers that make sense, you increase your likelihood of a successful short sale closing by 90%.

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