Short Sale Specialist


Realty Works has been helping families avoid foreclosure for over 16 years via the short sale process. We have the experience when it comes to working with banks and mortgage companies.Having developed an extremely streamlined solution to working out SHORT SALE transactions we offer our services to our clients at no charge. We have become so successful at doing this in our own real estate business that we have been asked by other real estate professionals to assist them with their customers.

What is a real estate short sale?

A Short Sale, also called “Short Pay” is a process through which your lender agrees to settle for less than what is owed to them.Lenders do this as an alternative to the expensive and time consuming process of foreclosure. Each lender has their own process through which they decide whether or not to accept a short sale, and while there are many similarities, each has its own requirements for approval. As a third party mediator, we have a distinct advantage in negotiating with your lender. Short Sales are a way for homeowners to avoid foreclosure on their homes and still be able to show the mortgage as paid on your credit report. We are now also certified HAFA

Not Sure if You Qualify For a Short Sale?

•  Owe more than your house is worth?
•  Having difficulty making your mortgage payments?
•  Do you want to postpone foreclosure and avoid deficiency judgments?
•  Do you want to dispose of your debt and avoid future collections?
•  Are your mortgage adjustments skyrocketing?
•  Want to sell your house but there is not enough equity?
•  Have you been denied a loan mod?
•  Do you want a fresh start?

We help property owners avoid the lengthy and costly process of foreclosure and the stressful act of eviction that follows.Know your options,don’t let the bank choose for you!Get the details,get paid!Many lenders are offering incentives of $3,000.00 to cooperate with the short sale process.


•  Protecting your credit from a foreclosure.
•  Presenting a solution to the lender and negotiating favorable terms.
•  Helping to minimize your debt obligation.
•  Allowing the borrower and her/his family to get a fresh start.
•  Expediting the process with a fast resolution with no deficiency.

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