Realtors Helping Sell Your Listing

Realtors Let Me Sell your listing for you!

We do the work for you.
We work with a whole array of buyers. Over the years, we have developed working relationships with first time home buyers, people looking for a new home, investors, and a great deal of buyers agents.
A licensed Realtor and Professional Commercial Photographer of 17+ years comes to photograph your home.
We create a professional video walk through and presentation of your property.
A computer expert creates an online campaign and marketing strategy specific for your home. Since 80% of homes today are first found online in some way, we have a strong online presence.
We brand your property
We market to local, national, and international buyers
We call other agencies and present your property to them
Community Outreach
Blogging on a Multitude of Websites and Email Marketing
Flyers, Postcards
Open House Marketing
Present your house to the board of Realtors for other agents and investors
We sell your Listing FAST!

What does this all cost you as an Agent?

Pricing special for month of March and April:
Properties listed for $400,000- are A FLAT RATE OF $1,000.
Properties listed for $400,001+ are a 10% referral fee.

Contact Me to Order and Answer Any Questions.

Erick Kuvshinikov

Realtors Helping Sell Your Listing

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