Save Money on Gas

In a world with rising gas prices going bonkers, people are looking to new ways of saving money on traveling expenses. People are looking for cars that take little to no gas for the amount of travel they get. Electric cars are almost just as bad with energy bills rising as well. What can the public do when they have to get to work? People are going to friends and family to help them commute. Rideshare and public transportation is growing. Yet many people don’t feel too comfortable with the security with those modes of transportation. So what is an avenue that people can feel more comfortable in getting themselves to work every morning?

Biking their way to work.

For those people who are able to work close to home there is hope! The article above shows that there are alternative ways to get to work all the while getting a good workout in the process. People can get to work using bicycles. The new bikes and biking in general could be a smart alternative to wasting gas.

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Save Money on Gas

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