Real Estate Agents Offer You

What can a Real Estate Agents Offer You?

What many people today think about Realtors may be a bit misconstrued. Everyone has dealt with people who are bad at customer service, in every industry. Real Estate is no different. The fact of the matter is that there are bad Realtors, good Realtors, and EXCELLENT Realtors. Chances are that if you’ve purchased a home in the past 40 years you’ve probably have gone through a real estate agent. The issue is that many real estate agents today aren’t people who follow up or have a very good work ethic. Either that or they are so busy that you, the average consumer, fall between the cracks with them. The Problem is that most agents land within those two spectrums. The vast majority of the public view them like they view the dentist: something that needs to be done, but would like to prolong it as much as possible. So why bother? You can join into this discussion by clicking on the link below to go to the original article:

Real Estate Agents Offer You

Let’s dive into that scenario.

In today’s world people have so many options for their investment or living situations. More homes are on the market than any time in history and it’s hard to find a Realtor that can cater to you and the personality that your future will be housed/invested in. People find agents that are too busy with a hundred different listings at any given time, and have no clue what your name is. They look at turnover, not really what’s always best for YOUR bottom dollar. The other instance is an agent that doesn’t have any follow through and is doing his/her own “thing” all the time. These are the agents that notoriously give Realtors a bad name. Because no matter how many times you call them they never seem to pick up their phone. They rarely every give you a straight answer, and are rarely ever seen. Usually these are, “relatives” or “my friend So and So.” These experts in the trade typically think that just because you are close to them that you owe them the business. WAKE UP!!! This is your FUTURE! Yes, they are your friend, but your friend or your relative isn’t going to be living in your home or have the payment of your investment for the next umpteenth years. Please don’t take me wrong, there may be some hard working individuals amongst your friends that are extremely professional and on their game. Those agents should be revered and kept as a close ally in your arsenal. There, again, are those that shouldn’t and probably best if you keep them as a friend and relative. A Realtor that is worth their weight in gold can not only show you a home, but they can bring you connections.

Here is where many people don’t realize that a good Real Estate Agent can bring you your biggest arsenal of business contacts and associates that need your services. Like Real Estate, the saying “location, location, location,” can also be applied to business, “connections, connections, connections.” People don’t realize the asset a good agent can bring to them. For the most part, a Realtor works with people from all aspects of life. They work to bring the general public a desire of many people today in owning their own home. A good real estate agent works with people from the city, local governments, general contractors, specialists in every field (not just related to real estate), they have the news of the local newspapers, the “gossip” of the city council, are buddy buddy with developers, and probably have come across people who would aid you in any business venture that you’re currently in. All of a sudden a good Realtor may seem like someone you might want to have as a friend. An agent can provide you with connections, indirectly and directly. They know what’s coming into town, and what’s going out, they are usually are the first ones to know when a company starts looking to expand or downsize. It is their job to find out who can get you the information that you want, because if they don’t know, they don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that. Their job, IS information. There is a good reason why many congressman in the state and local levels made a lot of their money in investing in real estate. So what makes a good Relator?

A good Realtor is there to HELP you, not just get a pay check. So what type of qualities are there in an agent that people should look for? Let’s try to go through some of the normal ones: 1) If you rarely every see or hear from your Relator then that may be the first sign they aren’t the one that you may be looking for. 2) Communication is key in every relationship, but especially your agents. If you can’t communicate with them, how are they going to find you what you want? Make sure they are someone that can listen and will not try to always hurry the conversation. Remember we were made with two ears and one mouth. We should try to listen twice as much as we speak. There is a time for talking and a time for listening. 3) Make sure they tell you about the hidden features of any property. People forget that with any home or investment they are hidden costs that agents don’t always communicate to you such as taxes, HOA dues, distance for work, etc. 4) Let them explain the process to you in what you are trying to do. If you are short selling, standard selling, buying, investing, there are all types of things that people don’t always know that need to be explained. Ask them. If they don’t know, they can find out and get back to you. Remember they aren’t lawyers, but they will know a lot about contracts and the process of ownership.

People need to know that a GOOD real estate agent isn’t your enemy. They are someone to help you and assist you in your endeavors. If you are looking for someone to help you or ask questions about things in the real estate process, please consider me, Erick Kuvshinikov as your Realtor. I am always available for my clients and try to answer every phone call when I get them. You can contact me at 909-322-5363 or you can email me at I want to not only be your agent but someone you can come to with any of the issues you have with your home, your investment, or the future you chose to plan.

Written by: Erick Kuvshinikov – Realtor

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