Lower Gas Prices

Families or friends are having difficulty with household income with the economy as it is today. The issue facing most people in Southern California is that we have been hit hard on the home front with issues of high unemployment, diminishing savings, rising medical costs, rising food costs, increased utility charges, and overheads climbing to no end. The housing bubble struck many people brutally especially in the Riverside County at a loss of 56% since its peak in 2006. California particularly has seen decline of revenues with home prices dwindling, according to a survey from Fiserv Case-Shiller Home Price Insights report. The information has place California with 7 of the top 10 metro areas loosing house values from a national ranking out of 385 areas. With all that information, people have had enormous declines in their supplementary income throughout the state. Another huge issue that has hit families in the state has been increasing gas prices. A large portion of peoples discretionary funds have been diminished in the Riverside County because of the large commuting population. We do, however, see a future positive outlook for the near future when it comes to gas prices.

Gas prices fall for eighth consecutive day

The above article is a glimmer of hope for commuters struggling with their daily travel costs. Gas prices do seem to have a slight relief in sight. As people typically do not have control of the costs of production, all we can do is hope they stay low for a while.

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Lower Gas Prices

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