Solar Power and Selling Homes

There are some Pros & Cons when it comes to putting a solar system on your home. People should consider weighing both options for this. There are some great things about having solar on your house, but people forget there can be some negative consiquences for having a system on your home.

Lets take a look at the pros:
•Solar power saves you money through rebates: Edison paying you back, reduced/no electricity bill
•If you have electric car you won’t have a gas cost.
•Solar power provides energy reliability.
•Solar power provides energy independence.
•Solar Power saves the environment in the long run.

Video on some of the Cons:

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Save Money on Gas

In a world with rising gas prices going bonkers, people are looking to new ways of saving money on traveling expenses. People are looking for cars that take little to no gas for the amount of travel they get. Electric cars are almost just as bad with energy bills rising as well. What can the public do when they have to get to work? People are going to friends and family to help them commute. Rideshare and public transportation is growing. Yet many people don’t feel too comfortable with the security with those modes of transportation. So what is an avenue that people can feel more comfortable in getting themselves to work every morning?

Biking their way to work.

For those people who are able to work close to home there is hope! The article above shows that there are alternative ways to get to work all the while getting a good workout in the process. People can get to work using bicycles. The new bikes and biking in general could be a smart alternative to wasting gas.

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Save Money on Gas

Gas Prices Now Going UP

Well here we go again. According to analysts and refinery reports people in Southern California are seeing a price hike as much as $.73/gallon. Analysts say this is due to slow production by one of the Northern California refineries that has been running at reduced capacity because of a fire earlier in the year.

Why gas prices are going up in October 2012.

Here is my $.02 on the subject. I understand that the government has been telling us for years that it takes many years to build a Refinery for Gas. We’ve been having this argument since the 70’s. Why hasn’t any NEW refineries been built since then? The last NEW refinery that was built in the United States was 1977 in Garyville, Louisiana. All the rest have been upgrades to old Facilities. WHY?!!! We have had rising gas prices for so long and the Government has not allowed any new Oil refineries? All politicians from both sides of the isle say that building a refinery wouldn’t lower gas prices till years from now. But that’s the same excuse that they keep giving every year and nothing has gotten done since the 70’s. This is horrible! It is destroying commuters especially in California. Shipping charges go up, in return that raises prices up on everyone for inflation across the board with every type of good. This gives people less discretionary money and drives down economic growth. Why has this not been done?

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Gas Prices Now Going UP

Home Insurance Coverage Problems

Many people are shocked to find out that their home owner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover a great deal of things. For instance many policies in Southern California do not cover flood insurance. Another very popular instance is earthquake insurance. Home owners should always talk with their insurance agent to find out exactly what is covered on their policy.
Beware of These Common Holes in Homeowners Insurance Coverage
Another occurrence is when something happens that IS covered but only to a certain amount. Another difficulty that can befall is when people do not take into account their deductible.  Earthquake insurance in Southern California is notorious for its 15% deductible.  A good quality agent can tell you all the ins and outs of each coverage.  I highly recommend people take a good hard look at what they need and what they feel comfortable with.  Insurance is there for when you need it, but you have to be informed for those instances.

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Home Insurance Coverage Problems


Rent to Owning a Home

Have you been renting for a while? Have you wondered if it may be cheaper to buy a home rather than rent? What are some of the benefits of home ownership? How can I go about buying a home? All these questions are asked by people buying a home for the first time, or those who are getting back into the home market. These are natural questions, they are important questions, and they are questions that people should evaluate carefully. The below article is a good litmus test of how people can move from renting to owning:

What it takes to own a home?

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Rent to Owning a Home

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Less Time Market Homes Sell Quickly

New data has become available indicating the typical amount of time it takes to sell a home has been shrinking. For traditional (non-distressed sellers) days on market is now in the range of historic norms for a balanced market, and well below the cyclical peak reached in 2009. The median time a home was listed for sale on the market was 69-days in July 2012, down 29.6% from a high of 98-days recorded in July of 2011. The median reflects a wide spectrum; one-third of homes purchased in July were on the market for less than a month, while one in five was on the market for at least six months.

Homes Selling More Quickly

Economists agree there is a clear relationship between inventory supply and time on market. As inventory has tightened homes have been selling more quickly. A notable shortening of time on market began this spring, and this has created a general balance between home buyers and sellers in much of the country. Continue reading

Lower Gas Prices

Families or friends are having difficulty with household income with the economy as it is today. The issue facing most people in Southern California is that we have been hit hard on the home front with issues of high unemployment, diminishing savings, rising medical costs, rising food costs, increased utility charges, and overheads climbing to no end. The housing bubble struck many people brutally especially in the Riverside County at a loss of 56% since its peak in 2006. California particularly has seen decline of revenues with home prices dwindling, according to a survey from Fiserv Case-Shiller Home Price Insights report. The information has place California with 7 of the top 10 metro areas loosing house values from a national ranking out of 385 areas. With all that information, people have had enormous declines in their supplementary income throughout the state. Another huge issue that has hit families in the state has been increasing gas prices. A large portion of peoples discretionary funds have been diminished in the Riverside County because of the large commuting population. We do, however, see a future positive outlook for the near future when it comes to gas prices.

Gas prices fall for eighth consecutive day

The above article is a glimmer of hope for commuters struggling with their daily travel costs. Gas prices do seem to have a slight relief in sight. As people typically do not have control of the costs of production, all we can do is hope they stay low for a while.

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Lower Gas Prices

Mega Millions Riverside Winner

Have you ever wonder what you would do if you won a big lottery jackpot? I have. During those long drives to see clients or going to work, I still find myself daydreaming of what I would do. Although I do realize I have greater chance of getting hit by lightning, I find myself thinking of all the good I could do. Many people say Money doesn’t bring happiness. I know how true that is because I’ve seen many families torn apart by money. At the same time, money makes a lot of things easier as far as security… especially if you don’t squander it.

One father of 4 children this past week ended up winning the 120 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot.

This was a shock to him and many people in the community. The store owners who sold him the ticket end up receiving $600K just for selling the ticket. What would you do if you won the jackpot?

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Mega Millions Riverside Winner