Gas Prices Now Going UP

Well here we go again. According to analysts and refinery reports people in Southern California are seeing a price hike as much as $.73/gallon. Analysts say this is due to slow production by one of the Northern California refineries that has been running at reduced capacity because of a fire earlier in the year.

Why gas prices are going up in October 2012.

Here is my $.02 on the subject. I understand that the government has been telling us for years that it takes many years to build a Refinery for Gas. We’ve been having this argument since the 70’s. Why hasn’t any NEW refineries been built since then? The last NEW refinery that was built in the United States was 1977 in Garyville, Louisiana. All the rest have been upgrades to old Facilities. WHY?!!! We have had rising gas prices for so long and the Government has not allowed any new Oil refineries? All politicians from both sides of the isle say that building a refinery wouldn’t lower gas prices till years from now. But that’s the same excuse that they keep giving every year and nothing has gotten done since the 70’s. This is horrible! It is destroying commuters especially in California. Shipping charges go up, in return that raises prices up on everyone for inflation across the board with every type of good. This gives people less discretionary money and drives down economic growth. Why has this not been done?

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Gas Prices Now Going UP

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